Sunday, 10 May 2015

To Periyiali stin Poli - Fish Restaurant - Branding

 Taste Magazine Poster

Voucher Design / Print

Take Away Menu / Print

TimeOut Magazine Poster

 TimeOut Magazine Poster

Tourist Press Magazine poster

Pasta Night Menu / Print

Pasta Night Menu / Facebook Ad

Pasta Night Menu / Print / Experiments


Lunch Menu / Print

Valentines Day Menu / Print 2014

Valentines Day / Facebook Ad 2015

Woman's Day / Facebook Ad 2015

Woman's Day / Facebook Ad 2014

Green Monday / Facebook Ad 2015

Saturday, 15 November 2014

MA Digital and Visual Communications / Experimentation process

Characters designed in Illustrator CS6

Patterns designed in Illustrator CS6

Experimenting / Applying character designs and patterns on clothing, stationary, etc.

Applied on a wall as a wallpaper or as an exhibition element.

As the front design of a Birthday Card

Applied on nails, on notebooks and on pillows.